climb a hill and catch those falling leaves

it's that time of the year again- fall.

the best season of beautifully-colored leaves, the weather fresh, crisp, and just cool enough to have an outdoor bbq session with the most awesome samgyeopsal (bbq pork) and hopefully, a piping pot of xin ramen. then of course, if you know the koreans, autumn is also never complete until one goes for a leisurely hike through the mountains to catch the autumn foliage.

families, friends, colleagues even- they'll take weekend breaks and make camping trips, armed with their overnight sleeping tents and outdoor cooking gear, because everyone wants mini holidays but great memories (and all in the comfort of their own country too!)

so if you're headed there these coming weeks, why not join the locals and make time to visit some of korea's best nature spots too? you'd be awed, i promise :)

have a heart-thumping time!

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i've always enjoyed a good show, and am also a strong believer of visiting local theaters for the necessary cultural immersion when in a new country. of course, sometimes you get the usual suspects of boring, disappointing gigs and those trying too hard to be humorous, but i'll usually sit through the entire thing politely. that said, i'm not high-brow (hardly, actually!) and like most, appreciate simple plots made entertaining by energetic performers and funny dialogue.

so i don't know if i'm biased, but korean gigs appear to tick all my boxes. from the world-famous nanta show to the absolutely stunning bboys' performances, i'd recommend making time to catch at least one during your trip to seoul!

it comes through very strongly in their choreography, the unique korean culture and way of living; which explains why despite lacking sophisticated stage set-ups, korean shows still make their way to the world stage and receive raving reviews. distinctly different from the more showy and glitzy performances of broadway or west-end theaters, korean gigs are on the other hand, more subtle and intimate.

my instant coffee princes

there was a time i didn't drink coffee. not a single drop. i'd termed it "that evil thing" because it always came scalding and bitter, left a sour aftertaste and kept me up all night. then i arrived at seoul, where everyone was drinking it ALL THE TIME. and it soon became obvious that if i wanted to survive, i'd better learn how to appreciate a nice brew.

so from instant cups to an aromatic pot, painstakingly made from imported roasted beans, i drank them all. and if you're also looking for a nice cuppa while in seoul, why not check out some of my recommendations?

the world's most wired city

given the amount of time we spend online these days, it is not surprising if one of your first few concerns about heading to seoul is connectivity. like you, i debated about bringing the laptop, wondered if i should set up data roaming, and fussed over the expensive international calls. but soon, i realised all those concerns were for nothing because really, seoul is the world's most wired city!